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We raise quality, hardy, mountain west born and bred Hair sheep. These sheep are locally adapted to the mountain west, and we can provide loads of lambs and quality replacements annually for the rancher.  We can also customize orders to color match a small set for the back 40, or provide 4-H animals for the enterprising young agriculturalist.  These sheep work for you at any scale, and you will be happy with their production and maternal traits.

They can survive with little help in a foot of snow, when its 40 below 0, have their babies on their own, and grow an 80 lb lamb in 4.5 months.

Our primary breed choice is Dorper. Our commercial hair sheep have smaller proportions of St. Croix, and Katahdin influence. However, they are 7/8 Dorper. We’ve found Dorper to be the breed that fattens easily, stays fleshy in our hard winters, and has the best maternal traits that allow ewe lambs to often have a lamb of their own on their first birthday.


Our hair sheep are herded. We have wonderful men who work for us, and Javier, Alex, Lindo, Simeon, and Alberto are daily found watching after the sheep. They care for them through blizzards, rains, mud, and drought, and bring them home every time.


We work with landowners across the mountain west who want a small livestock component on their range, without wanting to purchase them. We’ve used our sheep as a range management tool, to control leafy spurge, Canada thistle, and other weeds of the west.


Most importantly, our Dorper lambs grade a very high quality carcass that yield more pounds of carcass for their feed intake of any breed we can find. Their meat is delicious, and has quickly become our family favorite. We work to package the nicest offering of high percentage Dorper lambs in the mountain west, and constantly are improving the flock we have. We do sell meat direct from the ranch, live animals, and can help arrange for an abattoir. Please contact Sage for more details.


Our sheep depend on our livestock guardian dogs, such as Polly and Romeo, to make their living. They work every day and every night. We have never had a major livestock predation event and give the credit to our dogs. We do raise pups, and often have dogs for sale. Please call for more information!

Our model includes room for more sheep than we can purchase.
Therefore, we often have openings for investments into sheep, for like-minded producers, at varying levels of production. Please contact Sage for more information on what we offer today!!


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