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Meat for Sale

"Our lambs usually are harvested between 80 and 100 pounds, and yield between 35 and 50 pounds of packaged meat. Please call to make a custom order."


Our meat is direct marketed annually by order. Our meat is some of the best in the state, and is all naturally, hormone and antibiotic free grass fed beef and lamb. Currently we have a small inventory of grass fed lamb for sale. It has been processed and packaged at Wyoming Custom Meats of Hudson, Wyoming, one of the best abattoirs in Wyoming. These shrink wrapped packages will include an offering of the most delectable, savory, mouthwatering lamb for the most discerning taste palate. We have never had a complaint about the quality of our meat.

We require $100 down payment per order to cover our packaging costs. Our lambs usually sell for $8.00 per packaged pound, and we give a 10% discount to repeat customers.


 Be Wise - Eat Wise

"I am enjoying my lamb. It is tender, moist and has great flavor. I have shared with other family members and recieved the same comments." Virginia Rice

"It's the best meat I have ever had."

Earl Shatto

Satisfied, Healthy Livestock For Satisfied, Healthy People.

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