We choose the freedom to enjoy our lives, while preserving Wyoming’s traditional old western cowboy values, while raising happy, healthy livestock, in the country.  We have financial security and create a suitable, safe, and fun work environment and organized business, with a high quality of life for all stakeholders.  We promote integrity, treasure relationships, and work to educate and enrich the next generation of agriculture producers by leading as positive influencers and successful examples.   We believe in meaning what we say, and doing what we’ve said.  In all of our actions and decisions, we remember first, how we do it, always “by His grace, for His glory” and why we do it, “To make the land and livestock healthier, and have fun.”

 “Be Wise, Eat Wise. Satisfied, Healthy, Livestock for Satisfied, Healthy People”

Sage and I feel so blessed by the opportunity to raise our family while raising our livestock. Each day we wake up knowing that He has made us stewards of all that is around us. We invite you to to join us for an inside look into our ranching operation at our blog. 

- Faith Askin

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